Certainly a specialty for us!  We love them and we love event design so much that we have a team dedicated to this full time.  Each of us play a different role, ensuring that you get the best of us for design, customer service and happiness even when you display these pictures at your 50th wedding anniversary party.  

We know that weddings can be stressful for you and we are here to walk you through each aspect of creating your best-day-ever personal aesthetic.  And to serve wine.  And to act as a family therapist.  And to brainstorm anything you want, related to floral or not. 

We can’t wait to share your enthusiasm and excitement so don’t let the lengthy form intimidate you…it’s a nice break from Pinterest! 


These events are so much about your brand and your messaging.    What your business is doing and what you want your customers to experience.  Your new logo inspiring the room layout or the color palette selected.  A gorgeous private dinner for your Board members.  Or launching a large capital campaign.   

Let us visually create something that speaks to your unique company.  You worked hard to create it – keep your message consistent, even with your décor.   

We believe in our Asheville community and strive to play a large role in decorating the events that they host.  Our local partners include the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Pisgah Legal Services, Asheville Humane Society, and Manna Food Bank

Everyday love

We think you should send flowers for all kinds of reasons – because it’s Monday, because it’s her 29th birthday (again) or because you slept on the couch last night.

To send flowers, call our studio directly at 828.650.6464 or begin with the form here and we will touch base shortly to confirm your order. 

And yes, you totally should. 

Wedding Floral Designer Asheville


Whether you “Merry Christmas” or light candles, we would love to work in your home to create the perfect setting for your family and your holiday traditions.  We deliver, install and decorate Christmas trees, string lights and merchandise mantels.  We make centerpieces for your parties and decorate wreaths for your front doors.  We haven’t yet ventured into inflatables but it’s your décor!  With your product or ours, let us deck your halls while we jam to the Mariah Carey Holiday pandora station. 

And, since we love design, we welcome any opportunity to be in your home getting decorating ideas!